DLIMS Punjab Driving License Tracking Online Verification

In today’s digital age, the Punjab Government of Pakistan has transformed its approach to driving license issuance and management through the implementation of DLIMS (Driving License Issuance and Management System). This groundbreaking system not only simplifies the process of obtaining a driving license but also offers convenient online tracking capabilities, ensuring transparency and efficiency for all applicants.

What is DLIMS?

DLIMS, short for Driving License Issuance Management System, acts as a centralized platform established by the Punjab Government to automate various processes associated with driving license issuance, upgrades, and renewals across the province. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment, DLIMS provides swift processing services to the public while delivering real-time statistics to relevant authorities. By establishing a centralized network, DLIMS revolutionizes the issuance strategy for all types of licenses, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the licensing system.

Punjab Driving License

Process of DLIMS Tracking Licence Punjab

Tracking the status of a driving license application has never been simpler with DLIMS. Follow these straightforward steps to monitor the progress of your driving license application online:

  1. Visit DLIMS Website: Access the DLIMS portal via the official website (https://dlims.punjab.gov.pk/) dedicated to driving license services in Punjab.
  2. Login or Register: Log in to your existing account or register as a new user by providing essential details such as name, CNIC, and contact information.
  3. Track Application Status: Navigate to the “Track Application” section and enter the requisite details, such as application number or CNIC, to check the status of your driving license application.
  4. View Status Updates: The system will promptly display the current status of your application, indicating whether it is under review, approved, or pending further processing.
  5. Receive Notifications: DLIMS may also send notifications via email or SMS regarding any updates or changes in the application status, ensuring applicants remain informed throughout the process. Get info related to Learner Driving License.

Key Features of DLIMS

  • Centralized Management: DLIMS provides centralized management and issuance of driving licenses, ensuring consistency and uniformity throughout Punjab.
  • Automation: The system automates diverse processes related to driving licenses, including application submission, processing, and verification, thereby reducing manual intervention and enhancing accuracy.
  • Home Delivery: Applicants enjoy the convenience of having their driving licenses delivered directly to their doorsteps, eliminating the need for physical visits to licensing centers.
  • Driving Test Automation: DLIMS incorporates automated driving tests to ensure transparent licensing procedures and uphold stringent safety standards.
  • License Renewals: The system facilitates hassle-free renewal of driving licenses, enabling holders to renew their licenses from any district within Punjab.
  • Forgery Monitoring: DLIMS actively monitors instances of driving license forgery, thereby enhancing security measures and thwarting fraudulent activities.
  • Revenue Generation: DLIMS contributes to revenue generation by fostering transparency in fee collection processes and seamlessly integrating with taxation systems.
  • Effective Policing: By enabling on-the-spot verification of licenses and maintaining a centralized database, DLIMS facilitates effective policing efforts and augments law enforcement endeavors.


DLIMS Punjab Driving License Tracking Online provides a seamless and transparent mechanism for individuals to monitor the progress of their driving license applications. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, DLIMS ensures efficient management of driving licenses while prioritizing the convenience and safety of applicants. Through embracing digitalization, Punjab aims to enhance road safety and streamline administrative processes, setting a precedent for other regions in the domain of driving license management.